Different Types of Varsity Jackets to Choose From

by Melissa Kang

Varsity Jacket also known as Letterman Jacket; these names are different due to history and nothing else. The jacket is almost the same for males and females; you can differentiate them from patches on it and style variations.

The jacket is trendy in high school and universities, and it depends on the level of the varsity of the individual. The team has a different story from the varsity. That is why jackets were introduced to identify the status of varsities, such as best team or best players.

Now, it has become part of every individual wardrobe and has a unique style other than varsity jacket custom.

Why Do You Need A Varsity Jacket?

A varsity jacket is more than just a fashion statement. It is a symbol of dedication, hard work, and determination. For many athletes, wearing a varsity jacket is a source of pride.

It is a piece of outfit with rich history and good looks, making it easier to accept as a jacket collection. In addition, the obtrusively bright and showy color makes it more versatile. Varsity jackets are not sportswear, not formalwear. It was specially designed for team identification and attending ceremonies.

Types of Varsity Jackets

Full Wool

Wool is the best material for winters. Especially when it comes to wool varsity jackets, they are one of a kind. Wool is soft and fluffy material. Moreover, it allows several color variations. However, this type of varsity jacket is not bound by limitations in color combinations like leather jackets.

Wool varsity jackets have various color options in sleeves and collar designs in woolen material. For example, woolen jackets offer Raglan Sleeves and Byron Collar.

Varsity Hybrid- Wool Body and Leather Sleeves

The jacket knows as the hybrid varsity jacket, as mentioned in the name. It is made from high-quality wool material. Besides this, the sleeves are stitched and designed using pure leather.

But, there is a thing to consider: the colors of both Wool and leather are in contrast, which is obvious. For example, Harrison Black is the hybrid varsity jacket best for men’s collections.

Full leather

Another unique type among varsity jackets collection is the full leather jacket. This is made from several types of high-quality leather, especially for leather lovers. It is understood that every man wants a leather jacket in his wardrobe collection.

The leather custom varsity jackets are usually of one color along with shiny nature. Now it depends upon the customer which type of color they choose. Even customers can choose a combination of colors.

Why Varsity Jackets are Expensive?

The high-quality material. i.e., Wool & leather and customization according to the purchaser’s choice make it a more expensive option to buy. However, the price is worthy according to the material, and style one can get after purchasing the varsity jacket.


When it comes to buying a varsity jacket other than its history, there are several options to buy; it depends on your choice and season. Every season companies introduce different styles of jackets to fulfill the need for men’s wardrobes. Rather, you like leather or you like Wool, even you like a hybrid. Varsity jacket manufacturers meet the demand for each type of choice.

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