NFL jerseys: the most popular accessory for American Football

by Melissa Kang

The NFL is one of the most important sports leagues in the world, to the point where almost the entire planet stops not only to watch their games but also the halftime show they put on every year. Fans support their favorite team by wearing their nfl jerseys to identify which team they support.

NFL fans are some of the most intense fans in the sport, they really take the preparation for the game seriously, they paint their faces, they go to the stadium or if not, they gather at home with family and friends to watch the most important games.

They have even made the games reason enough to have a good meal, have a few beers and share as a group.

Fun facts about American Football and its fans

As we have mentioned before, American Football, and as such the NFL, is one of the most watched in the world and has a group of fanatic fans, who not only wear the jerseys of their teams, but other accessories to celebrate the triumph when they win the game.

American Football is among the top 5 favorite sports

In the United States it is the most watched sport in the country, followed by basketball and baseball. Undoubtedly its followers are mostly men, however, at least one third of the total fans are women.

Among other statistics about the fans, it is estimated that at least 50% of them are between 20 and 40 years of age.

Fans prefer to watch the games in company

According to many statistics, at least 7 out of 10 fans like to watch NFL games accompanied. The first option is almost always family, and the second option is to watch with co-workers or friends.

Without a doubt, watching Football games is a tradition that most fans do in a group and of course, wearing their NFL jerseys.

Fans love various NFL related merchandise

A true American Football fan will surely have his own collection of items with the logo or image of his favorite team. So it is very common for them to visit official NFL stores to buy different items such as key chains, caps, flags, among other decorative items.

However, NFL jerseys are the most purchased products by fans. The NFL has its own online store where fans can buy the jerseys of all the teams of the season and with the name of the player of their choice.

American Football is so important in the United States that wearing NFL jerseys is no longer limited to attending a game or watching them at home, they are even a fashion item that many combine with jeans, among other sportswear.


As we can see, American Football and the NFL have a very large number of fans around the world, to the point where they are considered one of the most important sports leagues. Fans not only wear their team’s jerseys to show their support, but also buy various other products with team logos. American Football is so important in the United States that wearing NFL jerseys is no longer just for game days, but has become a fashionable item to wear.

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