Five Most Common Types Of Lolita Women’s Dresses

by Melissa Kang

Unquestionably, massive improvement in women’s dresses designs and styles have been experienced over the years.

Consequently, individuals have become more stylish and fashionable when it comes to their outfits. Subsequently, multiple Lolita style designs have been experienced in the market as well. Now, let’s have a look at the common Lolita dresses.

  • Classic Lolita dresses

A classic Lolita dress tends to lean more on the Victorian era bearing muted colors such as brown, burgundy, ivory. Common motifs designed on the classic Lolita include forest themes, fairy animals, and cherubs, among many others. Due to its features, it is considered to be a more mature style of Lolita, thus making it an ideal women’s special occasion dresses as it has the popularity of being longer than most Lolita dresses, which are knee-length.

  • Gothic Lolita Dresses

Dating back from the earlier Lolita design, the gothic Lolita dresses have drastically changed in fashion and design. Still retaining the bell-shaped Lolita design, the gothic Lolita dress can be considered as a gothic maid dress. Unlike the older gothic Lolita dresses, which were only limited to black and white colors, the up-to-date gothic Lolita dresses tend to use other darker colors such as navy blue, burgundy, and even at times with a touch of gold. Gothic Lolita dresses tend to use gothic motifs such as vampires and gothic architecture such as cathedrals.

Lolita Women’s Dresses
  • Old-school Lolita dresses

Old school Lolita dresses are the best dresses for girls opting to pull off that old-school look. Dating back to the ’90s, the old school Lolita has that casual old school design of a simple lace dress. The old school Lolita tends to look different from the recent Lolita designs having its old school design.

  • Punk Lolita Dresses

Borrowing from the western punk fashion, the punk Lolita dresses have been influenced fashion-wise from the punk but still retain the Lolita fashion. The punk Lolita dresses tend to be a little bit shorter than other Lolita dresses but should not be too short in the sense that it will not be safe and comfortable for one to bend over. If you are looking for a pretty little dress, then the punk Lolita is the best option to consider.

  • Sweet Lolita Dresses

Sweet Lolita dresses can be vouched to be lovely dresses for ladies due to their pastel colors such as pink, baby blue, and mint green and prints with motifs such as carousels, among many others. This is seen as a transformation from the previous sweet Lolita designs which were over-the-top (OTT), which involved bold pastels and tended to be detailed with lace and embroidery. Still retaining its adorable and unique sweet flare it tends to be still considered as very cute and girly. Despite the significant transformation of the sweet Lolita design, more straightforward looks can still be found.

In conclusion,

Lolita Women’s Dresses

Indisputably, there are multiple Lolita women’s dresses in the market today. Subsequently, individuals have had a variety of choices to choose from when purchasing the attires in question. Some of the common designs are punk Lolita dresses, old-school Lolita dresses, sweet Lolita dresses, gothic Lolita dresses, and classic Lolita dresses.

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