How accessories make your outfit look better?

by Melissa Kang

Many people make the mistake of using too many or too few accessories. Others don’t even use accessories at all, and this is a very bad fashion situation to be in. Indeed, about one-fourth of your clothing budget should be allocated to accessories.

Accessories are basically add-ons to your outfit that make it look better and can bring that extra spice to your look. Whether it’s a sliver choker necklace or a big bucket bag, using the right accessories the right way can make you look expensive and super stylish. If you are one of those people that simply don’t see the need to use them, then this article is for you. Here’s why you should always accessorize.

  1. You’ll be saving money

You’re certainly questioning this already. How do you save money when you’re spending to get these accessories? The answer to this is that accessories can transform your basic outfits to look like newer, more expensive ones.

The more accessories you have, the more you’d be able to combine them with clothes to create more unique looks. So how does this save you money? You’d be buying fewer clothes. Since accessories make your clothes look different, people really can’t tell if you’ve worn a piece of clothing. Accessorizing an outfit in different ways equals different outfits. A win-win situation. You save money and still get to look expensive.

  1. You’re saving time

If you think that adding one or two extras to your outfit will cost you so much in terms of time, then you’re mistaken. Since you’re already familiar with your costumes and accessories, you won’t have to overthink about what to put with what. Although you may spend a little time choosing accessories, this is relatively little compared to the stress of selecting a shirt or dress to wear. Once you’ve decided what to wear, pairing accessories would be easier, making it fun and less time consuming to look like a superstar.

  1. It makes you stand out from the crowd

Suppose no one has ever made comments about your dressing. In that case, it’s most likely that you don’t accessorize or you over-accessorize. If you put on an outfit without any accessory, the person that accessorizes will look much better.

A t-shirt and shorts? Pair it with a bucket hat and sunglasses, and you have an entirely different outfit. That’s how much power accessorizing has on your look. Be sure to get compliments when you take your outfit up a notch with these add-ons. With accessories, the most boring of outfits can be made interesting again.

  1. You’re going through less stress.

If you’re working class, it can be challenging to get the right outfit to wear. More so, if you’re female. Wearing the same pieces of clothing and shuffling them all every two weeks can be stressful and make you feel insecure. Accessorizing saves you all this stress.


Accessories are essential and not things you’ll want to be missing in your outfit. If you’re looking for that new spice in your wardrobe, it might just be an accessory!

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