Understanding The Workings Of Cosmetic Blotting Paper

by Melissa Kang

Cosmetic blotting paper is a beauty product that removes excess shine and oil from the skin. It helps eliminate the shine without wiping off your makeup. The oil blotting papers are the perfect product for people with oily skin. However, it can also come in handy on hot and humid days. This post covers the functioning of cosmetic blotting paper.

How does cosmetic blotting paper function?

When you press blotting paper on your skin, the absorbent material absorbs the oil, eliminating the visible shine. The paper works in a similar way to tissue paper. However, unlike tissue paper, it does not absorb oil quickly. Therefore, you must let it sit on your skin for a few seconds to absorb the oil. Also, unlike tissue paper, blotting paper is made from extra-absorbent material.

Factors affecting the performance of cosmetic blotting paper

To further understand how blotting paper works, it would be wise to speak of the specific characteristics that influence how the products work. Below are some of these elements:


At the core of the functioning of blotting paper is the material. As mentioned before, blotting paper is manufactured from extra-absorbent material. The material often includes products like rice, cotton, or flaxseed. These are some of the most absorbent products on the market.

2. Size

The size of the blotting paper also affects its performance. More often than not, blotting paper is cut into thin sheets. The size makes it perfect for use on the face. It allows the material to absorb oil without affecting the skin or wiping off your makeup. The size also makes the blotting paper easy to use. For instance, one of the primary advantages of blotting paper is that you can use it anywhere. You can easily carry the blotting paper in your purse or store it in your desk or pocket.

3. Additional ingredients

Traditionally, blotting paper was only manufactured with thin absorbent material. However, as more brands of blotting paper have come up, manufacturers have added extra ingredients to help enhance the product’s performance. Some additional ingredients that aid the performance of blotting paper are:

  • Oil-fighting ingredients- these products help absorb more oil than conventional blotting paper. These ingredients also help fight conditions like acne and promote a natural skin complexion.
  • Powder- some cosmetic blotting papers also contain powder as an added ingredient. The powder helps create a mattifying effect. Powdered blotting paper is perfect for people with oil-prone skin and those that love extra makeup.
  • Fragrance- some blotting papers are also scented. They are infused with scented essential oils and a range of fragrances. While most people may find these attractive, they are not ideal for skin prone to irritation. However, depending on the essential oil used, the fragrance can help calm irritated skin.  


The market currently hosts dozens of blotting paper brands you can acquire. When choosing the best one, it would be wise to consider the added ingredients and their impact on your skin. It would also help to consider the price of the products and their brand’s reputation. Remember that your skin type will also influence your choice.

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