10 Simple Processes On How To Highlight Human Hair Wigs

by Melissa Kang

The process of changing a wig’s hair strands color by using hair color is known as hair highlighting. The hair highlighting style is among one of the trendiest styles in the market. A Highlighted Wig usually contains several hair strands of highlights or the entire hair. Furthermore, the process of highlighting a wig is relatively straightforward, and you can do it in the comfort of your home. This post aims to update you on the simple process of how to highlight human hair wigs.

Ten simple processes on how to highlight human hair wigs

1. Select the highlight color

If you want to do the highlighting at home, you need to select the color you wish to highlight on your wig. If you are stuck on what color to select or what will match your wig better, you can consult with a colorist. 

2. Type of highlight required

Once you have selected the color, you need to choose the type of highlight you need. Highlight types can either be full heads or partial highlights. Also, at this step, you need to decide whether you want a chunk or thin highlighted locks. 

3. Ensure you have all the necessary materials

After selecting the highlight color and the type of highlight you need, you are ready to start highlighting. First, prepare the necessary materials. The materials include; bleach, color brush, peroxide, mixing bowl, latex gloves, wide toothbrush or comb, clip, towel, and color. 

4. Clean hair

Before highlighting, it is crucial to ensure that you have washed your wig and that there is no residue of conditioner or shampoo on the wig. 

5. Conduct a strand test

The purpose of the strand test is to ensure that the color of the strand matches your vision. You can easily wash the highlight away and search for the highlight color you need if it does not match what you need. 

6. Select the technique you want to use

There are different highlighting techniques available. They include; chunking highlight, foil highlight, frosting, and hair painting. Most people in the market prefer to use the foil highlight technique. 

7. Apply color

The volume of strands that you will apply the color depends on your requirement. At this step, you need to part the necessary hair strands and gently apply the color using a brush.

8. Give time for the color to set

You can wait for as little as ten minutes or one hour for the hair to set. The critical point to note at this step is that you should not let your wig set for more than one hour.

9. Wash the wig

After the wig has been set, it is best to rinse it out under lukewarm water. Then, apply hair conditioner and let it rest for some minutes. Once the set period is over, you can rinse it again and ensure no conditioner is left behind.

10. Wig drying

After washing out the wig, you can now let it dry. First, you need to use a towel to remove any excess water. Then, you need to place your wig on its stand and give it time to air dry.


There are two significant ways to get a highlighted wig; the first is to either purchase an already highlighted wig or highlight it yourself. From the above processes, you can notice that the process of highlighting is relatively straightforward.

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