Ways to Give Your Blonde Wigs Perfect Styles

by Melissa Kang

The popularity of lush, gorgeous blonde hair is on the rise. Many of us feel inspired to go a few shades lighter after seeing celebrities like Beyoncé, Ciara, and others flaunt this unique golden look. So, now that you’ve been convinced to go with a blonde wig, what’s next? Well, it doesn’t take too much imagination. You will want to make it look as natural and realistic as it can in every aspect.

When it comes to honey blonde wigs, a few pointers will make rocking this color a delight. So, have a look at these few recommendations for sporting the blonde wig.

Find the Blonde Hair Color that’s Right for You

First and foremost, you must decide which shade of blonde fits you best. Just take a look around, you’ll find many people with different shades of blonde and different wig styles. A few examples are Strawberry blonde, platinum blonde, filthy blonde, honey blonde, ash blonde, or even accentuated blonde.

The idea is that if you’re thinking about altering your hairstyle significantly, it is best to first make sure it will suit you perfectly. Human hair wigs are typically available in the shade 613 blondes. And if you have concluded to change the looks of your hair, you’ll need to visit a beauty supply store and purchase the proper bleach or dye to achieve the desired hue.

Cut or Layer Your Blonde Wig

When it comes to styling a blonde wig, you have many possibilities. You may add layers, or even cut it shorter to give your face more dimension. By modifying the blonde wig to your taste, you can make it look more natural and unique.

When opposed to a voluminous short wig unit, even a long bone-straight blonde weave can appear unnatural. It all comes down to determining what works best for you, and how you like your face shaped.

Blonde Wigs Should be Styled Using Light Hair Products.

Using too many styling products on a blonde wig is something you should avoid. Because solid chemicals are used to extract black hair and get a lighter hue, it is already more delicate than other wigs. When you use a lot of items, the unit will get matte and oily. The oilier the strands are, the stringier and unattractive they will all appear.

Hairsprays, serums, and mousse are all excellent options for lightweight styling. Avoid using heavy gels, hair cream, or thick hair lotion.

Keep Blonde Wigs Away from the Sun.

Surely, we all savor the sun. However, overexposure to the sun, is not only bad for your skin but also for your blonde wig. UV rays can dry out your strands and turn your blond hair a brassy orange color. If you’re going to the beach or any other outdoor event, we recommend wearing a lovely hat to preserve your hair.

Investing in a UV/heat protective agent serum is another alternative. Before leaving the house, apply the serum throughout the wig unit to ensure that your blonde hair does not change colors in front of your eyes.


Blonde wigs can look so attractive as long as the right styling tips are employed. Use these tips when styling your wig, rock it with confidence and get that perfect look you’ve longed for.

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