Pros of using Yoga Mat Towel over a Yoga Mat

by Melissa Kang

Everyone loves the benefits of doing yoga- from getting a relaxed mind, increased flexibility, balanced metabolism, reduction of weight, injury protection, etc. As a newbie, you’re aware of these benefits. But now you are stuck in a corner trying to decide between a yoga mat and a yoga mat towel.

Just like any other fitness or sports activity, participants buy props and other sports-related accessories to enhance their practice, such as canvas straps, meditation pillows, eye masks (lavender-scented preferably), bolsters, foam blocks, etc. But people underestimate the power of a yoga mat towel. 

If you want to have a safe and effective yoga class, you must invest in getting a yoga mat towel aside getting a yoga mat.

So, you may be asking, “Why do I need to get a yoga mat towel when I already have a yoga mat?”

Let’s consider some details, shall we?

Which should you use: A Yoga Mat or a Yoga Mat Towel?

1. They share the same function

Ideally, both yoga mats and yoga mat towels share the same function- they create a barrier between your body and the ground. Your feet, back, abdomen, head, and sometimes your face touches the ground when doing some poses in a yoga class, so it’s only right, pleasant, and hygienic to place those parts of your body on a yoga mat or towel instead of the floor.

Both yoga mats and yoga mat towels define how much space should be between you and other participants in a yoga class, to avoid running or bumping into each other. It also creates enough space so that students don’t swing their arms into each other’s.

Both yoga mats and towels prevent slipping especially when practicing complex exercises.

2. Sweat absorption

Looking for more sweat absorption ability? Look no further, as yoga mat towels are your best bet.

Yoga mats can be made of different materials, both from natural and synthetic materials. A foam or layered component is also included to provide a comfortable pad to lift your knees to avoid grinding your palms, spines, or knees on the floor.

There are so many yoga mats that can be folded and transported easily, but yoga travel mats beat them all. It is lightweight, so it’s easier to transport from one place to another. Plus, it absorbs sweat faster than a conventional yoga mat. Yoga mats can accumulate sweat and dirt and can become slippery after a while.

A yoga mat towel helps to prevent all that.

3. Easily reusable

The problem a lot of people face is that, once yoga mats get dirty, they are quite hard to wash because it doesn’t work with machines and it takes time to dry. But all those worries won’t exist if it’s combined with the yoga mat towel.

All you need to do is to wash the towel after every training session and reuse. The great part about it is that it doesn’t take so long to dry. If you purchase a yoga mat towel that dries in less time than others, then that’s a bonus.

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