Who First Used Beautiful Jewelry?

by Melissa Kang

Necklaces, wristwatches, earrings, bracelets of all kinds among many more jewelry items could be said to be essential aspects of life. Whether intentionally or not, everybody wants to look their very best. This could be said to be an inherent instinct or reaction of every human. All living creatures would instinctively choose to be clean if given a choice. The use of beautiful jewelry pieces by humans is not a recent thing. However, personalised jewellry designs are more recent. For this article, we will take a look at the history behind the use of jewelry. The current uses of beautiful jewelry and other fun facts would also be discovered.

Historical Theories of the Use of Beautiful Jewelry by Man

Before we get started, how about a quick definition of jewelry? Jewelry is simply a term referring to carefully crafted items aimed at adorning ones` self. The word is coined from a Latin word which when translated could mean “playthings”.

Supposedly, the Neanderthals of primordial Europe are believed to have been the first people on earth to use jewelry. Whether or not you believe in evolution, you have to admit that this is quite a fascinating concept. Evidence of this was supposedly found in a cave along the coastal waters of Spain. A series of coral shells and stones dating as far back as almost a hundred and twenty thousand years (120 000).

But if that does not sit well with you, here is another angle. The Egyptians were thought to be the first folks to make use of beautiful jewelry pieces. They used designs of gold and other minerals to adorn their shrines and honor the dead. Those of prominent status also wore beautiful jewelry pieces of all kinds to adorn themselves.  

Although the earlier jewelry samples were crude, they laid the groundwork for the numerous forms of beautiful jewelry we have today. From crowns to ankle adornments, the early Egyptians could be said to have done a lot for the modern-day jewelry industry.

Uses of Beautiful Jewelry Pieces

There are many uses of jewelry but the primary reason is adornment. We wear jewelry to beautify ourselves and in some cases accentuate our better features. In other words, pieces of jewelry aid in “showing our good side”.

Secondly, jewelry used to be worn as symbols of rank or status. Today they are still being used similarly. For instance, it is not rocket science that whoever wears the crown of queen of England, is the queen of England. The same principle also applies to the military. The rank of military personnel could be ascertained by the adornment on his or her uniform.

Thirdly, beautiful jewelry pieces could be used symbolically. This is where we see such things as friendship bracelets, wedding rings, and others. The wedding rings, for instance, symbolize the marriage union between a man and a woman.


There might be many more uses of beautiful jewelry pieces, but the above are the basic ones. Beautiful jewelry pieces of all kinds are available to you online. Just click to order. If you are not sure what you are gunning for, our website has made selection easier for you. All you need to give us is a price range and we will handle the rest.

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