Why Fanny Packs Have Made It Back

by Melissa Kang

If you used the fanny packs in the last decade, you might not be aware of the modern ones. Maybe you are still thinking about the polyester bags with straps dangling from the zipper to the ground. However, this is quite different from modern fanny packs. You can check it now to learn its new features. They are also called waist packs and are now quite popular. It is no common to see celebs wearing them. These are the different reasons your fanny pack is back and loud.

Improved Material

The modern fanny packs are not made from cheaper materials most people know. In fact, there are various fabric choices you can choose from to serve your purpose. For instance, you may need a fanny pack for a walk or a wandering night through the city.

Ideal for Safe Travels

If you are planning to travel to a new place, particularly where you will be considered to be a tourist, then you need to wear a fanny pack. In this case, a medium-sized pack is what you need to carry important items close to the body. Moreover, you will not raise suspicion as you walk around.


Have you ever dug out your backpack to find something small? You can avoid this if you have the right waist pack. Remember that fanny packs have several zippers and pockets that make it easier to keep your essentials organized. That is the case when planning to travel by plane. Some packs have large compartments to keep your tablet, smartphone, and passport. These are things you want to have closer to you and safe.

Embrace Minimalism

Maybe you are a person who likes carrying lots of unnecessary items on your vacation. For instance, it is normal to find a traveler with several pens, color lipsticks, and more. The compact nature of a fanny pack means you will only need to carry essential items you need around. In this way, you can train yourself to embrace minimalism.


Whenever you are traveling, you want to keep your hands free as you get out for the run and your waist pack handles it. No matter the activity you are involved in, a waist pack is quite cool and serves many purposes.

If you are traveling with your family, you can ensure every person carries something. With a fanny pack, even your kids can carry something. That is because everyone can hold belongings and carry the weight. For instance, solo travelers can also carry the waist pack and keep their items in a small space.

Nice Hiding Place

It does not matter whether you want to hide your pieces of jewelry or a few bracelets; the fanny pack provides an ideal place for hiding your stuff. In fact, you can hide your Kindle and other things that carry your secrets.

Maybe you are yet to be convinced about the need for carrying a fanny back. In such a case, you should get a messenger bag. It does not matter where you want to go; you will get a fanny pack to be both useful and functional. With it, you can have hands-free travel.

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