Best custom packaging trends of 2020

by Melissa Kang

Many startups have mushroomed into existence, each offering stylish product designs featuring exquisite packaging. Small businesses face distinctly unique challenges when it comes to custom packaging designs and considerations for the customer. On the upside, trends in custom packaging designs have improved. More and more designers are willing to push the envelope when it comes to the limits of package design. This includes the aesthetics and functional design qualities of finished products. There are now more varied illustrations, colors, and forms in the vast world of custom packaging design elements. With the right product packaging, it is easy for a startup to break into the market by providing a product that is unique and attractive. Be sure to include unique and tasteful custom packaging for your product to ensure its success in the market. Let’s consider the best custom packaging trends in 2020.

Challenges that small custom packaging businesses face

  • Growth management

As your product becomes better known in the market, the company needs to find professional designers to create better graphics, images, and color palettes for your product packaging projects.

  • Cash flow

In any business endeavor, extra cash is hard to come by at times. You may find yourself with some months’ worth of custom packaging materials and no client products to wrap. Consider different options for maintaining stock and custom supplies in your packaging business.

  • Dependence on clients

As a small packaging company, it is important not to get trapped into having a large chunk of your business coming from only one or two clients. Always strive to diversify your business by promoting different labels and brands. You can also change up your current ways of doing things.

  • Jack-of-all-trades syndrome

As a small business, you likely have one person performing several roles at the business. One employee may be handling reception, purchasing, customer service, and even office management. As a small packaging business, it is best to diversify as much as your budget can allow.

Best custom packaging trends of 2020

In recent years, designers have been able to come up with increasingly unique and creative packaging techniques. As a custom packaging company, it is important to keep an eye on where the industry is heading to remain relevant and competitive.

  • Retro-futurism

Although it may come across as an oxymoron, throwback can be combined with futuristic trends to impose feelings of looking forward to a new concept while still keeping the good old days close at hand. In this way, you can capture a wider variety of customers who have both retro and futuristic tastes in packaging.

  • Blurred images and colors patches

Creative custom packagers have found ways to incorporate blurring and multi-gradients. This imparts a cool and unique feel to your packages. Blurring can be used to incredible effect to generate abstract gradients that capture the attention and imagination of consumers.

  • Creative metamorphoses

An increase in the number of competing companies means packaging companies have to get more creative to keep their customers. Illustrations that feature object morphing are a big thing in 2020. Birds can morph into planes, and fruits can morph into butterflies, for example.


It is vital for any serious custom packaging business to stay on top of their game by utilizing the most exciting new packaging designs and trends of 2020. This will help them to retain their clients while also attracting new clientele.

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