Essential Things to Know Before Getting a Ghana Weave

by Melissa Kang

Weaves are the norm since they are practical, stylish, and add length to your natural hair. You can opt for various designs depending on your style and preference.

Are you thinking of donning a Ghana weaving? Well, here are a few things you need to know in advance.

Your Natural Hair Is Essential

Want your weave to be outstanding? Take care of your natural hair. Before you have it done, make sure your natural hair is in top shape. A day before you go for weaving, give your hair some TLC.

Wash it thoroughly with recommended shampoo, dry it properly and then leave it to breathe for a while before conditioning it.  Failure to do that will affect the quality of your Ghana weave once it has been applied.

They Come In a Wide Array of Hairstyles

Weaved hair exists in different hairstyles and it is up to you to choose the right one that will suit your fashion style and lifestyle. For instance, if you love long hair then you can go for the long weave wigs.

If you love to engage in physical activities or want to avoid the morning hassle of making your hair, then you should go for weaved hair that is short and well tied. The last thing you want to do is to have weaved hair that does not match your lifestyle.

Should Not Be Kept for Long

What is the longest time you wore your weaved hair? How was the feeling? Well, it must have been bad. Wearing weaved hair for long is aesthetically unappealing since it becomes loose and can harbor lots of dirt and sweat resulting in bad odor.

Weaved hair should be donned for a maximum of 6 weeks. If possible, in the 4th week remove it and put on a new one but not immediately. Remember, your scalp and natural hair need to breathe and get cleaned to remain healthy.

Should Be Applied by a Professional

It may sound obvious, but it is a very important point. If you want to look good and stylish with your ghana weaving hairstyle then get it done by a professional.

You risk damaging your natural hair when you have an unprofessional person do it. Ask around for referrals from friends and family on the best stylist who is experienced in doing the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles.

Professional touch-ups will leave your natural hair healthier and stronger while maintaining your weave’s appearance.

Pay Attention to Your Hairline

It is imperative to take care of your hairline when having your weave wig applied. The weave should not be applied too tight or too close to your hairline. It is beneficial for your stylist to leave a little bit of hair around the edges of the hairline. Applying it too tight will cause you a great deal of pain leaving with an uncomfortable feeling.  

Are Available in Both Human and Synthetic Forms

Well, depending on your preferred style and preference, you can opt to go for either human or synthetic Ghana weave (yeebia). Both have their pros and cons. Human hair weave is not easily damaged by heat and lasts longer, as opposed to synthetic weave though the latter is less costly. All in all, they will still look gorgeous when applied well.  

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