Characteristics of a Good Lipstick

by Melissa Kang

Lipsticks are cosmetics used by individuals to apply color, texture, and give protection to their lips. Today, there is a wide range of them in the market, from glossy, matte, satin, and many others. Satin lipsticks are becoming popular since they give off just a little bit of color and shine leaves your lips hydrated. In this extract, we look at the qualities of a good lipstick.

Qualities of a Good Lipstick

A good lipstick does not have to be expensive. Various characteristics determine the quality of a product, and they come at all prices. Thus, before clicking that buy here, check the qualities discussed below.


A perfect lipstick should last long on your lips and remain intact throughout the day as you run your errands, attend meetings, or whichever activity you choose to indulge in. However, there are activities such as eating or drinking that may cause it to fade away slowly. It also depends on the type of lipstick you are wearing. Matte lasts way longer than the gloss or satin lipsticks.

2. Buildable

Most lipsticks, cheap or expensive, wear off at some point during the day. But, a good lipstick type should allow you to apply a thin layer so that it’s easy for you to reapply without making your lips look messy. Layering it over several times leaves an uncomfortable feeling hence you should be keen when choosing the type you prefer.

3. No Bleeding

Low-quality lipsticks tend to bleed outside the lines of your lips. Imagine walking in front of people with lipstick that’s out of place. It’s an embarrassing situation, especially if you are meeting a serious group of people. Getting the pigmentation off can be a difficult task, and you may end up cleaning up everything to appear neat. Note that a high-quality lipstick type has no bleeding, and it’s something you should consider before buying.

4. No Streaks

Unlike the gloss, which gives your lips shine, a good lipstick should offer even coverage. Parts of your lips shouldn’t appear lighter than others and vice versa. When the quality is compromised, lips look transparent even when the lipstick color is dark and streaks are visible. It is also common with bright colored lipsticks.

5. Not Too Sticky

The texture of the lipstick causes stickiness. There are various textures; it depends on the preference of an individual. You can choose a smooth or sticky texture, which in most cases comes with glitter, but again, it feels like your lips have been bound together. This is common with glosses. Thus, go through reviews of the products online or inquire from the seller to get the right item.

6. Hydrating

Lipsticks with the right oil components hydrate your lips well. You should not have cracked or dry lips that require you to apply some oil or sip some liquid. Any kind that draws moisture out is not the best. Low-quality ones have this tendency, but it also depends on the type you choose: matte lipsticks.

7. Smells Good

The scent of a product, for example, food, makes you know whether it’s fresh or stale. It should either have a minimal smell or none at all. If it smells like plastic, then that’s your cue to let you know that it’s expired or has harmful chemicals that should not be consumed.


High-quality lipsticks may come at a considerable price, but it’s worth the buy. They ensure you are safe and neat. The above qualities will guide you when you want to buy one and ensure you get the best.

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