Fashion Industry Slammed for Snakeskin Use

by Melissa Kang

The fashion industry has once again been criticised by animal rights campaigners for it’s increased use of snakeskin this season.

Celebrities including Kylie Minogue and Eva Longoria have been seen with the latest must-have oversized snakeskin bags while protesters claim the method used for skinning is cruel and unregulated.

One expert has even been claiming that the fashion industry is the blame for the reason some snakes are on the brink of extinction.

The gold Zagliani python bag has become the latest ‘it’ bag after Kylie was spotted clutching one at a recent Prince concert. Sales of the £1,280 handbag have rocketted over the last month increasing fears about the way it is produced.

According to PETA the way of skinning the snake involves leaving the head of the animal on, and blowing it up with water to make it easier to peel. Somtimes this involves a sanke being left in agony for two days after the skin is removed. Protesters are hoping celebrities would think again if they knew the extent of the cruelty involved.

Illegal trade is booming in Indonesia and Malaysia according to some reports, although most companies claim their skins are legally farmed. PETA say a 10ft snake would take five years to farm, where many are readily available to be captured in the wild.

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