Vanessa Hudgens’ Zac future

by Melissa Kang

VanessaHudgens wants towork with her boyfriend ZacEfronagain in the future.

The 19-year-old actress-who is dating her ‘High School Musical’co-starZac, 20, in real life – has revealedshe wouldn’t rule outteamingupwithZac again later in her career.

She said: “No-one says it’sthe last time we work together- who knowswhatthe future will bring?”

Vanessa -who playsGabriella Montez in theDisneyfranchise-also saidshe andZacstay “focused” during the filmingofthe intricatedance sequences forthemovie.

She added to People magazine: “We’revery focused as dance partners.We want to get it right and we have so much fun together that evenifthings doget difficult,we still try to churnit outand have fun with it.”

However,Zac-who stars as Troy Boltonin the films -revealedit isVanessawho helpshim with the complicated routines.

He added:”Vanessa’s definitely the strongerdancer.If I forget the next move,she’lllead me. We have tohelp each other, that’s what we do.”

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