How to Choose Your Canvas Backpacks

by Melissa Kang

When you are searching the market for canvas backpacks, you naturally want to get the best canvas backpacks that fit your budget. Depending on the model and brand, the quality will differ on many levels. This can make the shopping process a bit confusing.

Lucky for you, here is a list of factors that you should consider when you are choosing the best canvas backpack:

How much can it store?

One of your first priorities should be getting enough storage space. The ideal backpack is the right size with enough space to carry everything you need. So, before making a purchase think of the items that you usually carry with you every day. Are there large and bulky? Then you need to get a large backpack. If you do not carry around a lot of things, you can get one of those canvas backpacks that double as a purse and shoulder bag – they also come in medium sizes.

How durable is it?

You do not want a backpack that will fall apart at the very moment it runs into trouble. This could mean a waste of money. The good news is that canvas backpacks are already durable in nature. That’s why they make great grocery and shopping bags since they can carry a lot and handle the weight. But if you want a more durable feel, you have the option to purchase waxed canvas backpacks. The wax gives an additional layer to the canvas making it feel harder and making it more durable.

Does it have enough compartments?

To keep your things neat and organized, the ideal backpack needs to have compartments or multiple pockets. This will not only keep your things arranged and make you find your things easier but it will also help your items fit properly. Zipped pockets are great for storing your valuables. If you lug a laptop around anywhere you go, you also have to make sure that your canvas backpack has a laptop compartment. This should be padded to ensure that your laptop stays safe even when you have a lot of items in the bag or when your bag accidentally hits something.

Do you need waterproofing?

Canvas is a strong and durable material for backpacks but if you choose a waxed canvas backpack, you can be assured that your backpack will be waterproof. So, think about where you will be using your backpack mostly or the weather conditions of your place. If you are always outdoors or you always have rainy weather, getting a waxed canvas backpack is the best option for you.

Can canvas backpacks protect you from theft?

Canvas backpacks may be made out of a softer material but there are high-end canvas backpacks that are hard to open. These come with anti-theft designs that keep your items safe and secure. Some come with multiple straps that you have to go through before you open it so this will discourage any theft and pickpockets. Others do not have any external opening at all. The opening will be found at the backside, out of reach from thieves.

These tips show you what really matters when choosing canvas backpacks. With these in mind, we have no doubt that you will be able to choose the best backpack that fits your budget, style, and needs!

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