What are the Different Categories of Custom Jewellery?

by Melissa Kang

Various jewellery is produced in different ways based on their purpose. Jewellery manufacturers produce pieces in masses to fill the market and satisfy those in need. However, their quality isn’t the best, but the price is fair. Custom jewellery is unique and is designed from scratch using materials you’ve chosen to fit your style. The need for personalized jewellery is increasing due to the increase in fake accessories in the market. Personalisierte Schmuck designs custom jewellery for interested persons to guarantee a high-quality piece that’s 100% original. We expound on the categories of custom jewellery down below.

Categories of Custom Jewellery

Unlike mass-produced jewellery, custom jewellery is well thought of, and much attention is given to come up with a masterpiece. The four categories include;

1. Necklaces

Custom necklaces are very versatile and are the easiest to create or work on. Necklace customization can be done in so many ways depending on the clients’ needs. They can have it shortened if it’s too long or add a matching piece to make it longer. Etching the desired name, date, or special message can be done or have pendants hang from the jewellery piece. Some necklaces are designed and made from an idea until it becomes something tangible. Such pieces have specifications that only fit the client and are tastefully made to their liking.

2. Bracelets

You can customize bracelets or have them made from scratch by going through the design process with a designer till the final product is produced. Customization involves adjusting the length to fit the owner, altering the position of the links, adding the number of beads, or swapping them out maybe if they don’t fit or match the owner’s style or the rest of the bracelet. Some have charms that must be fastened to keep them safe. Engraving of the name can only be done on the inner part of the bracelet since the charms are too small.

3. Rings

Weddings take place every week, and rings are the main symbol used to climax their union. Very few rings are usually custom; most are customized according to what the client wants. They can have their names engraved or have gemstones added to make it beautiful. Also, they can choose to alter the design, or the ring made broader or smaller to fit their fingers comfortably. Silver and gold colors are available to choose from, and the ring can have the preferred stones to form a contrast.

4. Earrings

Customization of rings is somehow tricky due to their small surface area. It limits the amount of personalization that can be done. However, all is not lost as the backing on stud earrings can be switched from old to new to giving it a different look. Pendants can also be hung from hoop earrings to add style.

Bottom Line

Custom jewellery is the best, and you can have it made with the help of a designer. You have a great selection to choose from depending on the occasion or type of jewellery you want to add to your collection. Despite the high price, they are worth investing in compared to standard jewellery.

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