Explore the Endless Possibilities that come with wigs

by Melissa Kang

When it comes to hairs and wigs, there are lots of styles and variations in the hair industry today. Wigs have come a long way from where they were a few years ago. Today, quality braided wigs for black women are almost impossible to distinguish from original hairs. However, choosing wigs is one of the most complex dressing decisions any lady would be making in recent times.

This article is designed to help our readers identify basic types of wigs. There are two main types of wigs and they will be explained during this article.

Types of Wigs

Human hair and synthetic wig

From one’s facial structure to their personality, everything is to be considered in picking the perfect wig. There are two major types of wigs out there. There’s the human hair-based wig, then the synthetic wigs. Out of the two, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that the natural wig provides more leeway by way of tweaks.

The natural wigs could be handled the same way one would handle their hair. It could be ironed, blow-dried, and even curled. When using natural wigs, you might as well be using natural hair, because it is a regular hair day every day. So they could be styled in whatever way one would want. There are lots of types or textures for natural hairs.

Further Breakdown of Wigs

From Chinese natural wigs to Indian natural wigs and even European wigs, there are lots of natural wigs. All these types have their unique features. This means that selection is based on what exactly one plans to do with the hair. However, same as any other natural trading product, natural wigs are quite pricey. They could cost anywhere from 200 USD to 500 USD.

The synthetic ones on the other hand are less expensive than the natural wigs. One could get a synthetic wig for as low as 100 USD. The price difference is quite substantial. An additional benefit of synthetic wigs is that they retain a more definite form than natural ones. The synthetic wigs usually come in a chosen style and they retain that form.

Should You Go for Synthetic Wigs then?

However, this leads to a major disadvantage of synthetic wigs. They are not as “stylable” as the natural ones. This means that one would have to get multiple wigs to rock multiple looks. However, this is only a disadvantage when synthetic wigs are compared with natural wigs. Other than that, synthetic wigs seem to be the best choice to make.

There are tons of designs and styles for synthetic wigs. In recent times, braided wigs seem to have been causing quite a stir in the hair wig industry. These braided wigs seem to fit all sorts of facial structures. This is why they are particularly popular nowadays. Besides, when going for official functions, well, it almost does not get more official than a braided wig.


Knowing what options are available is the first step. At least now, our readers should be able to know what natural or synthetic wigs mean.

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