Why Is Trench Coat A Year-Round Essential?

by Melissa Kang

The trench femme is one of the fashion items that don’t exactly fade away and doesn’t always struggle to make a comeback (looking at you, skinny jeans). They’re timeless and would still have a place in your closet. Given its military background and different styling over the years, the trench coat has experienced character changes, making it more appealing.

Whether you’ll be wearing coats in winter or aiming to make a statement in summer, the article contains style ideas to help you to rock the trench coat all year-round.

Staying Traditional

There is a window in the year when the seasons are transitioning into another. It can be tricky to pick out the right dress and even worse when the weather oscillates between warm and cold. Traditional dresses can work, but you’ve got very little chance to get it right.

The trench coat helps your chances by a lot. It is a clothing item that pairs well with just about anything: casual or formal dresses, knitted materials, and so on. Trench coats immediately open up your possibilities and, more importantly, helps you to perfect your traditional dressing. If you can go a little further to don a waterproof trench coat, you’ve then got the right style “come rain, come shine.”

Style and Comfort

While trench coat is comfortable to wear, it is easy on the eyes and style as well. You can get a relaxed look without looking too casual. Natural colors for trench coats – black, beige, gray – are perfect for the timeless look, although you can go for brighter hues for a more bold statement.

What to Look for in a Trench Coat?

Trench coats are great and all, but it even fits you perfectly. Therefore, there are some fundamental pointers you should look for when picking a trench coat for yourself. Below are some of them:

  • Keep a Defined Measurement: The key to a perfect trench coat is to have it fit completely. It means that you have to keep a specific measurement and not compromise on it. However, bear in mind that the trench coat would go over another dress.
  • Mind the Shoulders:You’d want a trench coat that’s not big for you at the shoulders, as it would add a bit more bulk.
  • Knee-Length is the Right Length: A trench coat reaching the ankles is too long, and one which only gets to the mid-thigh is too short. It will help if you get to the knees or longer by a few inches.
  • Lean Fabrics:Trench coats don’t need to have too much fabric, as they would keep flapping around you. Bulky materials also have the tendency to swamp you, which is something you want to avoid.

Wrapping Up

Trench coats are an excellent addition to your wardrobe as it is the urban, do-it-all dress for every weather. One of the features you would immensely enjoy is versatility. You literally can don a trench coat, whether you’re aiming for a classic or contemporary look. The tips mentioned above help you to pick the right kind of trench coat for you.

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