Understanding The Best Precious Stones For Crafting Chains

by Melissa Kang

Identifying the unique precious stones used in crafting vintage custom jewelry helps buyers and collectors catalog and value their collections. Even for ineffabless kette mit bild, the best jewelry dealers market their wares using popular terms recognizable by regular wearers and collectors. This enables buyers interested in chains made from precious stones to find them readily during online searches. Let’s focus on the most popular precious stones for chains with pictures.

Popular precious stones for custom jewelry

1. Cabochon

These stones usually have a dome-shaped top and a flattened bottom surface. Various designs may be minimally flattened, but the one consistent factor is the smooth top. There are numerous cabochon shapes available today, including oval, pear, and round. This jewelry may be crafted from glass, precious gemstones and can be utilized in costume looks. A majority of cabochon designs are usually highly polished. Some are available in frosted glass.

2. Mexican opal glass

These precious stones are made of glass and produce a bi-color effect ranging from blue to red. The overall effect is a purple or bluish hue. The quick and unique flashes of color from inside these precious stones are known as “breath,” lending them the “dragon’s breath” nickname. The stones are in oval or round shape and were highly popular in mid-century costume jewelry designs.

3. Marner heart lampwork glass stones

Owned by Julio Marcella, this high-end store produces high-quality costumes and custom jewelry featuring marmer heart glass stones. These include the famous, patented heart-shaped stones incorporated in unique chains with pictures. Marner also made pieces featuring these stones for separate brands, including Hobe, Hattie Carnegie, and Kramer.

Marner’s hearts are primarily available in plenty of colors, including pink, green, and blue. These tend to resemble Venetian glass beads.

4. Margarita stones

This stone is mainly crafted by the Swarovski family and is primarily used in costume jewelry pieces. The name of the stone is derived from the stone’s shape. Margarita stones are drilled in the center and set with decorative rhinestone-tipped pins slotted through the middle. For many years, these uniquely fascinating stones were known as “marguerite” stones.

5. Bullet/high-domed cabochon

This is a stone with a high dome, which looks like the actual end of a bullet. It is mostly oval-shaped in costume jewelry and has a high dome compared to other varieties of cabochons. High-domed cabochons have flat bottoms to allow them to be glued to the jewelry setting. A majority of such stones are used in costume jewelry as well.

6. Foiled cabochon

Also known as “cat’s eye,” these unique stones are popularly called opal and exist in green opal and blue opal hues. Rocks of this variety are crafted by backing pieces of domed glass in foils of different colors. These stones are round or oval and can be found in various shapes, including marquis. Foiled cabochon stones are usually inlaid with rhinestones in blending colors and were extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s.


When purchasing chains and lockets with inlaid stones, durability should be a top concern. The most durable stones currently available in the market include sapphires, cabochon, margarita stones, and Mexican Opal.

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